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Release Information

i-net CoWorks' calling functions now support pulling an active call out of the main window into an extra window that can be freely positioned on the screen and is always displayed on top. This update allows you to utilize more screen space in the chatting window and have the call and chat on separate screens.

Another new feature that stands out is the system integrated idle detection that the Google Chrome browser now makes use of. This feature augments the already existing idle detection of i-net CoWork. The detection allows to switch your status to idle when you're not doing anything on your computer for a certain time.

In accordance with an overall modernization of our web interface, there is a list of new default themes readily available to all of your users.

Migration Information

Field Settings

  • Custom field of type "Selectable Values" with both options "Own Value" and "Multiple Values" activated are migrated to the option "Own Value". A combination of both options is not possible anymore.

HTML Engine

The HTMLEngine is a core component of all our products. As such, it must be included in the plugins directory at all times; otherwise, the server will not start.

System Core

  • The minimum required Java version is Java 17.

Plugin Changes

  • If i-net CoWork runs within an i-net HelpDesk installation, a new ticket with the content of the message can be created with a menu entry at a message.
  • In the Google Chrome browser, the system's idle detection can be activated in the settings. The "Your device use" permission must then be granted in order to use the detection.

CoWork Calls

  • The area of an active call can be opened in a new window if this function is supported by the browser. This window can be freely positioned and resized.
  • During a call, the own participant and those with a video (camera or screen sharing) have a context menu (to be called up with the right mouse button) to control actions. This applies, for example, to switching the camera or microphone on and off. For participants with a video stream, this can be pulled out as an overlay in supported browsers. This overlay can be freely positioned and resized.


Fixed Bugs

  • Setting up a calendar Task Planner trigger on repeating events that began in the past did not correctly compute the next execution time.
  • Calendar triggers with trigger times set to trigger after calendar events would not trigger for repeating events.


Fixed Bugs

  • Sub-elements of paths were not updated when the parent element was renamed to reflect the new path.

Field Settings

  • Dropped option "Own Value" + "Multiple Values" for custom fields of type "Selectable Values", only one of both is allowed.


  • In the diagnostic application, in the System Dumps section, there is a new option to export the SBOM in JSON format.

HTML Engine

  • Initial Release of the JWebEngine as a plugin.

Mail Support

  • PGP support added including the ability to use private keys with passphrases. Incoming encrypted emails can be decrypted using the private key, and outgoing emails to addresses whose public keys we have are encrypted. Public keys included in incoming emails are automatically imported.

OAuth / OpenID Authentication

  • Added Sing in with Apple as authentication provider. Note: you have to be enrolled in the Apple Developer Program to set up the authentication connection.

PDF Viewer

  • Initial Release of the PDF Viewer. The viewer can be used as a rendering format, much alike the HTML Viewer.
  • The viewer is called using init=pdfviewer when requesting a report. It will only be useful in an online browser when rendering reports.
  • The viewer takes care of loading the requested report, as well as handling prompt request.
  • It should be noted, that the viewer will display reports only when they have finished rendering. The state of loading the PDF is provided from the viewer.
  • PDFs displayed in the viewer can be saved and printed, if natively supported by your modern browser.
  • Using a prompt on refresh option you can modify the prompt input when reloading a report using the menu.
  • Report files with group information will render an outline on the left side. You can select an outline entry to jump to the page and section - which is highlighted. Clicking the entry again removes the highlight from the document.
  • A separate text search is not provided by the viewer, since the browser has a much more powerful search. However, you can select and copy highlighted text from the document.

Security Fixes

  • Security Update for CVE-2024-4367
    • If pdf.js is used to load a malicious PDF, and PDF.js is configured with isEvalSupported set to true (which is the default value), unrestricted attacker-controlled JavaScript will be executed in the context of the hosting domain.

Remote GUI

  • If the product login is activated and users log in with the user name and password stored there, they can have a reset link sent to them in case they have forgotten their password. To do this, the user must have entered an e-mail address and e-mail dispatch must be configured on the server.

Fixed Bugs

  • Some HTML editor actions in dialogs could not be used in Firefox browser.

Setup Wizard

  • When execution of setup is required, it displays a banner for that in all applications.


  • Up to 5 teasers are displayed at the top of the store, which are automatically rotated through.
  • The description of plugins, as well as the changelog and migration information is added to the documentation in the help.
  • Setup will no longer update plugins automatically when only a minor update of the core product (i.e. 22.4.120 to 22.4.198) was performed.

SVG image embedding

  • Added JSVG library to render SVG files, e.g. for report files.
  • Added compatibility level option for previous version 23.10 that allows to switch back to the Batik SVG renderer.

System Core

  • The bundled Eclipse Temurin Java VM was updated to version 21.0.3.
  • Added support for Java version 22

Fixed Bugs

  • User search result entries will avoid displaying the same value in the top and bottom lines.

Security Fixes

  • Security Update for CVE-2024-30172
    • ** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem. When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided.

Task Planner

  • The file system action has been converted into a completely new "Save file" action, which now supports the integration of other sources, such as the Drive plugin.
  • The Move Ownership page in Maintenance now supports resetting the chosen settings on the page.

Fixed Bugs

  • In rare cases, the server could hang during setup when there were many different complex tasks.


  • Adding 7 new themes

Two-Factor Authentication

  • Two-factor authentication can be deactivated for certain server IP addresses.

Users and Groups

  • Before irrevocably deleting a user, an dynamic overview is shown of which types of data are connected to this user and will be gone if the deletion is performed.

Windows Authentication

  • Support for the Negotiate authentication protocol has been added. This means that Kerberos login is supported.
i-net CoWork
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