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Update Notes (Linux)

Please note the following hints for an update installation under Linux.

Required version of i-net HelpDesk for an update

  • i-net HelpDesk server: Prerequisite for an update is an i-net HelpDesk version 8.3.x or newer.
  • Desktop Application for Supporters: The i-net HelpDesk Server in the current version is backward compatible with the Desktop Application for Supporters (since version 8.3.x).
    • Note: The Desktop Application for Supporters will be replaced by the Tickets Web Application and the range of functions will no longer be extended. However, it is currently still necessary for the configuration of workflows.
  • Mobile Clients: In contrast, the version of the Mobile Client must always correspond to the version of the i-net HelpDesk server.

Preparing the Update

The setup updates the existing database of i-net HelpDesk. Make sure that there is an up-to-date backup of the i-net HelpDesk database!

Important: Create a backup in the Maintenance web application. This will not contain the i-net HelpDesk database.

Will email templates, reports, add-ons be preserved?

Yes, your changes will be fully preserved.

Update procedure

Download the update here: https://www.inetsoftware.de/de/products/helpdesk/download/download-formular

Important: Stop the i-net HelpDesk server before updating.

Recommendation: Temporarily stop your antivirus software (if any) for the time of the update.

The update consists of two parts. First, the installation of the files and secondly, the setup in the browser with the help of a wizard.

Now start the update either via graphical package manager or console (recommended). A graphical package manager has the disadvantage that after copying the files often can not open the browser. This is due to the fact that the package managers run the installation via a background process and no graphical environments or programs can be started from there.

You can use the following commands on the console - even in a graphical environment 1) to install i-net HelpDesk:

# Debian basierte Systeme (Debian, Ubuntu, Mint)
dpkg -i helpdesk-x.x.xxx.xxx.deb
# RPM (dnf) basierte Systeme (Fedora, CentOS)
dnf install -y helpdesk-x.x.xxx.xxx.rpm
# RPM (yum) basierte Systeme (older Fedora, CentOS)
yum install -y helpdesk-x.x.xxx.xxx.rpm

Important: i-net HelpDesk is now installed into the directory /usr/share/i-net-helpdesk.

Update procedure (Part 2: Setup)

As soon as the first part is finished, either a browser window opens with the further setup or you have to do this manually. For this, please follow the output of the installation program or its description.

Figure 1: Detecting the existing database
Figure 2: Setup progress
Figure 3: Abschluss
Figure 4: Startseite

Known issues and tips

The following covers a few pitfalls for the update.

Linux authentication - possible errors during authentication

The i-net HelpDesk server uses the integrated Jetty web server to handle the authentication mechanism of the respective Linux system. The normal Linux authentication is provided by PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules).

For more details, please refer to the "Authentication methods after installation" help on the i-net HelpDesk home page http://servername/.

Backup and restore

If i-net HelpDesk server and database are running in the same virtual environment, then regular snapshots of the virtual machine are the best solution.

The following points should be considered when i-net HelpDesk server and database are to be backed up individually.

  • i-net HelpDesk database: You have to realize the backup via the respective DBMS.
  • i-net HelpDesk configuration: For this purpose there is the application Maintenance: i-net HelpDesk Home > Maintenance > Backup / Restore > New Backup.
  • In the "Available Tasks" it is strongly recommended to at least activate the checkbox "Current configuration".
  • Via Task Planner, backups can also be performed automatically.
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