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Update Notes (Windows)

Please note the following hints for an update installation under Windows.

Required version of i-net HelpDesk for an update

  • i-net HelpDesk server: Prerequisite for an update is an i-net HelpDesk version 8.3.x or newer.
  • Desktop Application for Supporters: The i-net HelpDesk Server in the current version is backward compatible with the Desktop Application for Supporters (since version 8.3.x).
    • Note: The Desktop Application for Supporters will be replaced by the Tickets Web Application and the range of functions will no longer be extended. However, it is currently still necessary for the configuration of workflows.
  • Mobile Clients: In contrast, the version of the Mobile Client must always correspond to the version of the i-net HelpDesk server.

Enabling the HelpDesk server in the firewall

If you want to make the HelpDesk server directly accessible for the HelpDesk clients, then enable the i-net HelpDesk program hdservice.exe in your firewall or alternatively the port of the HelpDesk server (see below).

Note: Check the correct function of your firewall rule after the update.

No login dialog pops up if the client can connect DIRECTLY to the port of the i-net HelpDesk server. In this case, a single sign-on is performed in the background.

Ports of the i-net HelpDesk server

  • integrated Jetty web server from i-net software (recommended): port 80 or port 443 for https
  • MS IIS or Apache: Port 8002

If the i-net HelpDesk server is not directly accessible, a login dialog ALWAYS opens.

Preparing the update

The setup updates the existing database of i-net HelpDesk. Make sure that there is a recent backup of the HelpDesk database!

Important: Create a backup in the Maintenance web application. This will not contain the i-net HelpDesk database.

Will email templates, reports, add-ons be preserved?

Yes, your changes will be fully preserved.

Update procedure

Download the update (Windows Installer package; .msi): https://www.inetsoftware.de/de/products/helpdesk/download/download-formular

Recommendation: Temporarily stop your antivirus software (if any) for the time of the update.

Important: Stop the service i-net HelpDesk server. The service will be restarted automatically after the setup is completed.

Start the update. To do this, double-click on the msi file. The update consists of two parts. One is installing the files and the other is the setup in the browser using a wizard.

Important: Install the i-net HelpDesk setup into the existing i-net HelpDesk directory and follow the setup instructions as described below.

Figure 1: Start-Dialog
Figure 2: Lizenzbedingungen
Figure 3: Zielordner
Figure 4: Bereit zur Installation
Figure 5: Installation
Figure 6: Abschluss der Installation
Figure 7: Setup im Browser wird vorbereitet
Figure 8: Start des Setups im Browser
Figure 9: Erkennnen der bestehenden Datenbank
Figure 10: Migration der Daten
Figure 11: Setup Fortschritt
Figure 12: Abschluss
Figure 13: Startseite

Known issues and tips

The following are a few pitfalls for the update.

i-net HelpDesk service is running under a Windows service account


  • The "i-net HelpDesk server" service runs with a Windows account (default account is "Local System").
  • Access to the i-net HelpDesk database is done with the i-net HelpDesk server account and not with the account of a database user


The i-net HelpDesk update deletes the previous service and then recreates it, but with the "Local System" account. As a result, the new service does not get access to the i-net HelpDesk database. After restarting the i-net HelpDesk service in the meantime, you receive the corresponding message that the update no longer has access to the database.


  • After the installation, do NOT run the following setup, but stop the update.
  • Change the login for the "i-net HelpDesk server" service back to the specific account you chose. Control Panel > Services
  • Then call the i-net HelpDesk setup again as follows and finish it:
    • In the i-net HelpDesk program directory, subfolder "Server" open the file webconfig.txt.
      • The file contains the port of the i-net HelpDesk server and the UUID.
    • Copy the string after "UUID" to the clipboard. Make a note of the port, e.g. 8002.
    • Now start a browser and enter in the URL:
      • http://localhost:8002/setup/<UUID>
      • Example: http://localhost:8002/setup/71248829-8b7c-43d8-7fdc-097844a4a326
    • After confirming with the "Enter" key, you will be taken to the setup dialog again.

Backup and restore

If the i-net HelpDesk server and database are running in the same virtual environment, then regular snapshots of the virtual machine are the best solution.

The following points should be considered when i-net HelpDesk server and database are to be backed up individually.

  • i-net HelpDesk database: You have to perform the backup via the respective DBMS.
  • i-net HelpDesk configuration: For this purpose there is the application Maintenance: i-net HelpDesk Home > Maintenance > Backup / Restore > New Backup.
  • In the "Available Tasks" it is strongly recommended to at least activate the checkbox "Current configuration".
  • Via Task Planner, backups can also be performed automatically.
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