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The i-net PDFC Comparison Application provides the ability to compare documents and then view, store and share with others. Available document types depend on the installed and activated plugins. The browsers file chooser will filter the files accordingly.

Adding Documents

Documents can be added to a newly created comparison, using the change Documents or the New Comparison button in the application.

In addition to the click and selection in the file chooser, documents can be dragged from the file browser to the comparison view (drag & drop).

Hint: Please note that the size of the document may be restricted due to quotas.

Compare Documents

As soon as a comparison has two valid documents, the comparison can be started with .

Depending on the server's load, the comparison is either executed immediately or queued. This is displayed accordingly. As soon as the current comparison is the first in line, its execution starts automatically.

A running comparison can be interrupted by with the "Stop" button. That stopping can take some time.

If a comparison is terminated, its execution can be restarted, e.g. after selecting another comparison configuration.

In the comparison view, the differences in the documents are marked and linked with a line. If you move the cursor over these areas, they are highlighted and the differences displayed as a tooltip.

At one-third height of the comparison view, there are left and right markings. At this level, the documents as well as the details are synchronized during scrolling. This means that texts and / or differences on this virtual line stand side by side.

My Comparisons

All current and saved comparisons can be found in the "My Comparisons" view. Comparisons that have been published for you are not listed here.

The properties of your stored comparisons are displayed in the dialog. These comparisons can be searched, deleted and opened. In addition to the "Open" menu item, double-clicking on the entry can also display this comparison. Clicking on the unique ID opens the comparison in a new browser tab.

Hint: Please also note the restrictions on the usable quota shown above.

Setting a Title

You can set a title for each comparison to briefly describe its content. To do this, simply click on the title and enter the desired description.

With a title, the comparison can later be found more quickly.

Hint: Only comparisons with a set title are stored permanently in "My comparisons". If no title is set, the result can not be published and is removed from the server after leaving the comparison.

Publishing of Comparisons

Each created comparison is only visible to the creator. If a comparison is to be made available to other persons, this can be published. The prerequisite for this is the permission to publish comparisons, a title and the recipient can access the PDFC Server. For example, PDFC is available only in an intranet, only users within the intranet can access it.

A link is displayed with the publishing that can be made available to other persons, e.g. via email or messenger. Every logged in user can see the comparison with this link.

Changes in published comparisons, e.g. title or comparison configuration as well as a re-start of the comparison, is reserved for the creator. In the "My Comparisons" view, published comparisons are marked accordingly.

If the publishing of a comparison is to be withdrawn, the "Unpublish" function is available.

All users who have opened a published comparison are visible with their user name and avatar above the toolbar.

Save Comparisons

If a comparison is created, it is created for the temporary view. As soon as a comparison is no longer opened and a new comparison is started, the temporary comparison is deleted.

A comparison is saved permanently when a title has been assigned. No further action is required.


Quotas for comparisons can be set for all users. The usage of the quota can be seen in the toolbar as well as in "My Comparisons".

As soon as a quota is exhausted, a new comparison can not be created or a document can be uploaded. The "My Comparisons" view makes it possible to delete older comparisons at any time.

Compare Configurations

Each document to be compared can be structured differently and therefore requires a special setting for the execution of the comparison. For example, it may be necessary to compare only textual content with each other and ignore the style changes. For this purpose, compare configurations are offered, which can be selected before the start of the comparison.

Compare configurations can be opened and viewed by clicking on . The predefined and administrator-provided configurations can not be changed for users without access to the server configuration. If an adjustment of the settings is required, the current configuration can be duplicated and then adapted. Administrators then have the option to publish them. Published configurations can not be withdrawn, but simply deleted.

Hint: It is recommended to use the comparisons with the predefined configurations and to make adjustments to the settings only in special cases.

Details of the Differences

Once a comparison is executed, the number of differences appears in the toolbar. This button can be used to display a column with the differences next to the documents. A click on an entry scrolls to them in the document as well as in the list.


If a comparison has been executed, this dialog can be used to configure which differences and filters are displayed in the comparison interface. In addition, the color representation can be changed for some entries.

Export the Result

In addition to the details of the differences, it is possible to export the result of the comparison as a PDF. There are several settings including paper size and only pages with differences.

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