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CSV Export

With the following properties you can configure the CSV export.

Column Delimiter

Specifies the delimiter that separates the fields. By default, a comma is used.

Fixed Width

Specifies a comma separated list of fixed column widths, e.g. 3,5,5 or 5,5,,4. The following default values will be used for columns without specified width:

  • String: 8 characters
  • Number: 10 characters
  • Currency: 11 characters
  • Boolean: 6 characters
  • Date: 11 characters
  • Time: 9 characters
  • DateTime: 21 characters

If this parameter is specified the exported csv file will not contain column delimiters and text qualifier.

Text Qualifier

Specifies the character that will be used as text qualifier. By default, a quotation mark is used.


Specifies the encoding for the csv file. By default, the server default encoding is used.

Export report data only

Specifies if the created CSV file contains only the data of the report and no labels and layout information.

With column names

Specifies if the exported CSV file contains column names in the first row. The default value is true.

This parameter is useful for data export, only.

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Help - Comma Separated Values (CSV)