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PDF Export

With the following properties you can configure the PDF export.

Specifies the panel that will be displayed in the navigation panel of the PDF viewer.
The valid values are "Bookmarks" and "Pages".


Specifies if the PDF file will be created according to the PDF/A-1b standard.
The PDF/A standard describes features, that must be present or that are not allowed in PDF files, which are intended for long-term storage. Not allowed are encryption and transparent colors. On the other hand, fonts must be embedded in the PDF file and it must contain some internal structures that provide unambiguous content interpretation (Metadata, Output-Intend).

Fast Web View

Specifies if a web optimized PDF will be created. If it is activated, then the PDF reader can display the first pages while it downloads the other pages of the PDF file.
The export of an web optimized PDF file may be slower and can consume more memory. Therefore this property is disabled by default.


To activate the encryption of the PDF file it is necessary to specify at least one of the passwords. The User Password is necessary to open and read the PDF file and the Owner Password is necessary to edit the properties of the PDF file.

PDF tags

PDF tags, like alternative text for images, are useful for screenreader. With this property it is possible to enable / disable pdf tags in the created PDF file. It overrides the value of the server property.

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