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Spreadsheet Export (XLS, XLSX, ODS)

With the following properties you can configure the Spreadsheet Export.

Truncating Behavior

Specifies whether strings which are too long for their cell will be truncated or not. The default value is true.

Cell Distribution

The Cell Distribution determines how to handle text to if the text does not fit into a single simple cell. The options are described below. The table at the end of this paragraph outlines behavioral differences that occur when the text does not fit.

  • Static Layout - the text is displayed in one cell. Line breaks within the text will lead to new cell in the row below. The Can Grow option is being ignored. Cells will be merged to adhere to the design - meaning, e.g. a text is designed twice the size of the regular cell, the resulting cell will be a merged compound to keep the designed size. The cell will be merged into horizontal as well as vertical direction. If, on the other hand, the cell is too small to keep the text, the text will overflow. Adornments, meaning the style of the text cell will be assigned seamlessly.
  • One Line - analogue to Static Layout, except for the merging, which will only be done horizontally over columns.
  • Line Break - analogue to One Line but also automatically wraps lines that are too long and would otherwise grow over out of the cell. If the design does not allow the full text to be displayed, it will be clipped.
  • Multiple Cells - the text is split into multiple spreadsheet cells. The number of required rows will be the same as number of lines in the text. Cell styles will be applied seamlessly. Horizontal cell will be merged, analogue to One Line. Can grow is supported for cell that have been designed too narrow.
  • Merge Cells - optimum setting to represent the design as closely as possible. Cells will be merged if designed larger than the grid. Line breaks result in new cells, Can Grow is supported and text lines that are too long will be wrapped to fit the design.
  • Single Cell - optimum setting for data representation. Text is always represented in a single row, except for line breaks which lead to a new cell in the row below.

The following matrix provides an overview of the settings in context of their behavior:

Static One Line Line Break Multiple Cells Merge Cells Single Cell
Parameter name static oneline linebreak multicells mergecells singlecell
Dynamic height 1) 2) - - - X X -
Automatic line break - - X - X -
Rows are merged (vertical) X - - - X -
Columns are merged (horizontal) X X X X X -
Split text into multiple rows - - - X - -
New cell below on line breaks within data 3) X X X X X X

New sheet per top-level group

Specifies whether a new sheet will be created for every instance of the top-most group or not. The default value is false.

Number of group levels in outline

Specifies how many group levels are to be shown in the outline of the spreadsheet. A number between 0 and 7 is valid. The default value is: 0.

option: Can Grow
not HTML advanced
With enough space. Without Can Grow only the space from the design is available.
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