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In this dialog, the cache for already rendered report pages and the report data cache can be configured.

Report Cache

Due to performance reasons reports need not be rendered anew every time they are requested. Therefore the reporting solution provides a cache functionality which stores the rendered reports for a specified period of time. A new processing of the data is not necessary if the data is still up to date.

Cache Type

The cache type property specifies which storage medium the cache will use to save the rendered reports.

If Memory Cache is used, the data will not be stored permanently. With the Database Cache the data will be stored in a database and with the Harddisk Cache the data will be stored on the harddisk. If there is an error in the configuration of database or hard disk cache, then the memory cache will be used as fallback.
For the External Database Cache it is necessary to set the connections with an external program. Possible values:

  • Default value: Memory Cache

Engine Cache Timeout

This property determines how long a rendered report is cached after the last time it was accessed by a viewer client. The timer starts when the rendering begins. Since the clients only ping every 10 minutes when they have a report open, a value of less than 10 minutes is discouraged.

If this timeout occurs while a large report is rendering, the report is canceled and the resources are released. This can also occur in a low memory situation when using the memory cache.

The value is specified in minutes. Zero means unlimited.

  • Default value: 15

Reload On New Request

If this value is set, the report is rendered for every new report request (a viewer opens the report, the report is exported, etc.). The report template file is loaded and the data is fetched anew. This option is only recommended if you have very dynamic data. In this case, the cache is only used for navigating through the pages of a report in the viewer, and for streaming an exported report.

  • Default value: Deactivated

Clear Cache

This button will be displayed in the active configuration only. After it has been clicked, the current cache will be cleared. All cached reports up to now will be deleted and re-generated if they are requested again.

Report Data Cache

The report data cache stores the report data to reduce the number of database requests. It is used by report server and i-net Designer.


If it is necessary to reduce the number of database requests then you can enable the report data cache.

  • Default value: Enabled

Data Cache Timeout

Specifies the duration since the data was requested last time from the database. If the data are used again after this time, they will be refreshed. With this property it is possible to specify how long frequently requested data stay in the data cache.

  • Default value: 1800
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