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A task can be converted into a series tasks to run it multiple times for a set of parameters. Jobs and actions will be executed once for every set of parameters from the series definition.

If the execution of a Job or Action fails for one set of parameters, it will continue with the next set and the task is flagged as erroneous.

Providing Series Parameters

The parameter sets for series can be provided by:

  • a Json file: a list of key → value pairs
  • a Database connection: the result of a SQL statement
  • a Folder: for every file in the folder


The parameters of a set from the series data become placeholders for Jobs and Actions. The format of a placeholder is:

  • Placeholder format: {name} where "name" is the name of the parameter ( see example)

The placeholders can be used in almost every text field of the Jobs and Actions configuration. The web interface shows a specific area at the bottom to help keep track of the currently available

Note: Placeholders that no data is being set for will not be replaced and thus stay as they are.


In a series from a Json file with the content:

    {"email": "contact@inetsoftware.de", "realname": "i-net /// software"}
    {"email": "pdfc@inetsoftware.de", "realname": "PDFC Support"}
    {"email": "clearreports@inetsoftware.de", "realname": "Clear Reports Support"}
    {"email": "helpdesk@inetsoftware.de", "realname": "HelpDesk Support"}

The following placeholders are available

  • {email}
  • {realname}
i-net Clear Reports
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