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Actions are the third stage of a task. They can take the job results and, e.g. distribute them. Some actions may require a specific type of data to be added to the list of actions.

Actions are executed one after the other without a guaranteed order. If an Action fails, it does not stop the task execution but it will continue with the next Action.

Each Action is executed only once, even if there is a list of results from one or more jobs. If an Action should be executed once for each result, a series should be used instead.

Result Handling

Actions will usually be provided with each job's result and can then decide what it is going to do with it. Some actions require a specific type of data as input, e.g. the FTP action needs a file. They will not be executed if there is no job result having the required type. Other actions do not need any specific input (email, IRC).

There are two indicators to find out which kind of input is going to be processed:

  1. there is an outlined indicator at the bottom of a task. Highlighting the outline will also highlight the corresponding type of data in the list of jobs.
  2. if no such data type exists in the list of jobs but the action is still enabled (not greyed out), then the action will process any other kind of data too.

Note: Actions that are greyed out can be added and configured but will not be executed. The reason for this is that the action requires a specific input that is not fulfilled by any job.

Execution Qualifications

The Execution Qualification selection becomes available when one or more jobs have been configured with a condition. Conditions will evaluate to valid or invalid state which is being sent to the action along with every job result.

Note: Jobs without a condition will always produce a valid result.

One of the following options can be selected to determine how the results will be processed:

  • At least one condition is fulfilled: The Action will only be processed if there are one or more results with a valid condition - regardless of their type of data. It will then process only the results that have the matched condition and the respective type of data.
  • All conditions are fulfilled: The Action will only be processed if every job had results with a valid condition. The Action will be executed with every result of the supported type of data.
  • No condition is fulfilled: The Action will only be executed if none of the jobs had results with a valid condition. The Action will be executed with every result of the supported type of data.
  • Execute always: This Action will always be executed, with any result, ignoring the state of the condition.

Placeholders and Metadata

A job can return metadata which is available via placeholders and can be used in fields that allow placeholders, e.g. text and file fields. Placeholders that can not be found in the metadata of a result will not be replaced.

Note: Placeholders that no data is being set for will not be replaced and thus stay as they are.

Series Placeholders

Placeholders with keys from the series are available if a Series is being used. See placeholders for details about their placeholders.

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