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There are several permissions that allow access to certain functions of i-net Clear Reports. Permissions can be assigned to users and groups using the Users and Groups manager. Permissions are additive - this means if a user has a permission through one of their groups, the permission is not revoked by also being a member of a group without the permission.

Depending on the activated plugins the following permissions can be granted to a user / group.

Effective Permissions

The detail view of a user only shows the directly assigned permissions. To get an overview of the effective permissions of a user, including permissions provided by groups, click the link Show all effective permissions in the detail view / permissions element of the user.

Figure 1: Effective permissions of a user


  • Server Administration: allows the user or group to access the remote Configuration Manager. This also allows granting permissions in the Repository Browser (with write permission) and shows the folder 'All Users' of the User Directories if active.
  • Task Planner: allows the user or group to access the Task Planner.
  • Statistics: displays statistical information about the server state, rendered and cached report etc.
  • Manage Users and Groups: allows to create, update, and delete user accounts and groups


  • Ad Hoc Data Sources: allows the user or group to retrieve the remote data source of the server via the Remote Designer or the ad hoc reporting feature.
  • Ad Hoc Reporting: allows the user or group to access the ad hoc reporting.
  • Repository: allows the user or group to access the remote Repository Browser.

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