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Export Formats of the Java Viewer

i-net Clear Reports can generate reports in several different output formats. You can specify the format with the URL parameter init. Using the Configuration application dialog "Behavior" it is possible to set the default report output format. The application currently supports the following formats:

Adobe PDF

The Portable Document Format by Adobe is standard format that can be used in almost every environment.

HTML Report Viewer (Default)

With the HTML report viewer it is also possible to display, navigate through, print, zoom, and export the report result in a browser. It is set as default rendering format in the Configuration application dialog "Behavior".

PS, PS2 and PS3 (PostScript)

Produces a PostScript document supporting several different PostScript levels. This file can be printed using a PostScript printer.

Microsoft Word (DocX)

Exporting the report into a Microsoft Word document using the widely used .docx format.

RTF (Rich Text Format)

RTF is also a format defined by Microsoft that can be displayed in Microsoft Word and its browser plug-in.

XLS / XLSX (Excel Spreadsheet)

This format can be used with Microsoft Excel. It is useful if you want to export the data for further analysis. The XLS / XLSX file consists of a table layout. Therefore it may not be possible to map the whole report layout into the XLS / XLSX file.

Open Document Spreadsheet

The Open Document Spreadsheet .ods file format can be used with OpenOffice, LibreOffice, and Microsoft Office version 2010 and newer.

CSV (Comma-Separated Values)

CSV is a public format that can be used for imports in many other programs. The format can be set up to only export the data in a structured table.


The TXT export generates a plain text format. Rendered graphics and layout information will not be included.


This format can be used to create an XML file with the layout information. Using transformations you can import it into many external programs.


The SVG output format can be used, e.g. with most current browser releases.


Every of these formats can be used to export a single report page as an image. You can use it for example if you want to embed reports in your web site.

i-net Clear Reports
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Help - Export Formats of the Java Viewer